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Re: FVWM in F8 [was: Re: Appalling desktop performance in F8]

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Todd Denniston wrote:
| David Boles wrote, On 01/08/2008 03:00 PM:
|> Todd Denniston wrote:
|> | David Boles wrote, On 01/08/2008 11:55 AM:
|> |
|> |
|> | Ok, so I am guilty of skipping 5, 6 & 7, and just now getting around to
|> | really playing with F8. :)
|> |
|> | Any suggestions (or URLs) on how to get fvwm into and working with the
|> | gdm session menu, as gdm does not default to having fvwm listed along
|> | with Gnome and kde?
|> | Making that happen and getting it working with screen saver/locker was
|> | the trouble I had when I compiled from source in FC3, and why I gave up
|> | on using it with FC.
|> |
|> Caught ya'??  ;-)
|> You have not installed fvwm in Fedora 8 have you? From the Fedora repos?
|> I just  did to try this and it is listed in the 'sessions' section of the
|> login screen and choosing it asks if you want it to be default. Which
|> it does.
|> Enjoy.
|> - --
| Hmmm.
| Thought I installed it when I installed the system...
| It is too bad anaconda will not let me point to the
| linux/releases/8/Everything directory on the ext3 file system in the USB
| connected hard drive as a repo while installing.

Hmm.. I have never needed to have an 'at home' everything repo. But I have
seen, here, others say that they have done that. Start a new thread and ask. I
am sure someone can help.

You do know that you could have, with a little pre (as in before) installation
research to get the path, used the online /everything folder from a mirror?

| one `yum install fvwm` later...
| OOOHH YES!!! now I have to remember how to configure it. :}
| Thanks for the pointy stick. :)

;-)  "pointy stick"? You mean like Peter (Family Guy) and the crocodile?
- --

~  David
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