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ATI driver: possible without livna/ATI's huge *.run one?

I want to install proprietary ATI driver as the free one does not make
3D for me. But here I got a problem: I was searching a lot in google
and found that the I have 2 options for me left to do this:

1. Use livna's package;
2. Install huge 50Mb driver from ATI's site.

I do not want second because of the expanses on traffic (and I was
unable to find one by their search engine for my hardware exactly:
Radeon Xpress 1100 IGP (it is on laptop Dell Inspiron 1501) and thus
resude its size), I would the first case but the repo.s I use (atrpms
tigro rpmforge dries freshrpms) tell me that they are not compatible
with the livna, because livna has some bad politics relating to other
(these mentioned ones) repos.

So, my question is, Am I correct? If not where I can the driver for my
F8? Big thanks for advice.

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