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Re: /dev/dvd1 instead of /dev/dvd ?

Tom Horsley wrote:
On Tue, 8 Jan 2008 18:00:01 -0500
Tom Horsley <tom horsley att net> wrote:

Anyone know why The primary device is still /dev/sr0
but the symlinks all have names like /dev/dvd1 now
(I also have /dev/cdrw1, etc).

OK, I found the file:


Comment says it was generated by /lib/udev/write_cd_rules
and I can change it if I want to. I did, and all is well.

Too bad write_cd_rules isn't smart enough to notice a
non-hotpluggable device is now gone and delete those
rules before writing new ones for the new device...

I had the same problem replacing my old IDE DVD writer with an SATA writer. I also found the same solution.

On a similar note, my DVD burner died on my server so I temporarily replaced it with a CD-ROM drive I had lying around so I could boot the F8 rescue disk and install over FTP from my desktop. In this case when I replaced the CD-ROM with the burner from my desktop the drive was not detected at all. I have no idea how to force the detection so I copied the .rules file from my desktop which provided all the symlinks and such but replaced the address/bus info with what was in the .rules file on my server.

It did the trick but it seems strange to have such a problem detecting very standard hardware in a modern operating system.


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