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Re: Appalling desktop performance in F8

Alastair Neil wrote:
Has anyone else experienced terrible desktop performance with F8.
Yes. IBM Thinkpad T20 w/ 384 MB.
Fedora Core 6 was running sweet. Never tried 7.
Fedora 8 would go through periodic slugishness - and then speed up, though never completely locking up as you are experiencing.

That combined with the gnome-keyring problems are what drove me to CentOS - which works as well as Fedora Core 6 did (which makes sense since they are same versions for much of the software)

What's really interesting - I've rebuilt a crapload of Fedora 8 and livna for Fedora 8 src.rpm's for CentOS 5 and installed them - basically providing everything I need that Fedora had that CentOS does not - and the system is doing just dandy.

So the performance issue I'm guessing was (for me anyway) related to the new gnome and related libs not liking and older laptop with lower memory.

Your box however sounds like resources wasn't the issue.

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