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Re: LDAP be killing me. I need a good step by step

Ric Moore wrote:
On Tue, 2008-01-08 at 13:30 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
Ric Moore wrote:
>From the examples I've found, there seems to be "just something
missing"(tm) in them. Someone please direct me to "something that just
works."(tm) as it's making me blind, crazy, old and cranky. Ric
Maybe you could start by tell folks what you need/want? I think your request is way to general. I know you are blind, crazy, and cranky...but stop and think for a moment.

Just a really good tried and true website reference for setting up ldap.
I've googled, went to various sites which all are a bit different from
each other, in procedure, and none has resulted in a working ldap
server. Even after trying to mentally diff them and come up with
something in the middle. Ergo, my appeal is to someone/anyone that has
used a webpage reference that works, step by step, I'd dearly love to
have it. I'm trying to use openldap. I thought sendmail was difficult.
It's a cakewalk compared to ldap/openldap. :) Ric

Have you tried starting at step 8 from this quick start guide?


I just did it and got a working directory up in 3 minutes time. That included the time it took to install openldap-servers.

The man on tops walks a lonely street; the "chain" of command is often a noose.

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