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Re: Problem with Kmail filters

Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:

> Em Qua 09 Jan 2008, Tony Molloy escreveu:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to configure some filters in kmail.
>> I select config filters and new. Now I want to have more than one
>> "Filter Criteria" on each filter but can't seem to get this. When I
>> select "Match any of the following" and try to set up two creteria
>> for instance "To" and "CC", the second one justs blanks out when I
>> select "Appply".
>> Anybody else see this. Is there a way to set up multiple criteria for
>> filters
> Yes, I have this problem since the last update of kde-pim (to version
> 3.5.8-10, fedora packaging). Not only that, even the multiple criteria
> filters I had already configured before this problem arise can't be
> modified anymore.
> Now I have to edit the config files directly if I want to create
> multiple criteria filters or modify an existing one.

Like this?

If so, we're working on it.

-- Rex

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