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Re: LDAP be killing me. I need a good step by step

Craig White wrote:

coming from the guy who last week decried that it seemed the intent of
Fedora was to be a self-contained distribution, this is extremely
You mean they have to complete the inclusion of every possible package in the universe before making their own clients talk to their own server? Otherwise I don't how this relates to anything. And is there some reason not to expect 'Fedora Directory Server' to not be part of ... Fedora?
I suppose if that was an area of concern, I would be monitoring
Fedora-development list

Without really knowing anything about it, I'll make a wild guess and assume that it is somehow related to having a java component that doesn't work with the broken imitation-java that fedora has insisted on shipping for years. And rather than make it easy to install a compliant java that another company has made available for free, they don't include it at all. But I could be wrong about that...

It is impossible to know where you are coming from.
I'd like something that works... Do you really prefer an LDAP authentication client that won't work with the server as shipped in the same distribution?
do you mean that it's not working? I must be doing something wrong then
because my main server (RHEL) is the base ldap server and it's handing
the authentication for all the Macintosh, Windows and Linux computers on
my LAN including the Fedora 7 & Fedora 8 clients.

Does your question imply without configuration ("as shipped" reference)?

Yes, but it relates to not having matching configurations for clients and servers as much as shipping one without configuration.

Heck, not even Windows does that (Neither server nor client will
operate/authenticate without configuration). Configuration details is
what job security is about  ;-)

Again, if you think something is wrong with the way they distributing
the software, bugzilla an RFE

Having made it work, you are the expert... Do you think it could be done better? Or is there some reason that the configuration used in one place can't work in another?

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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