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Re: Pb with NFS

On Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 10:29:14PM +0100, Francois wrote:
> Hi,
> I try to finish the install of F8 on my new laptop, and now I have a problem 
> with NFS.
> I  have created the right exports file under /etc
> I have activated the NFS services as I used to do

> I can ping from my laptop to my main computer.
> I can't ping from my main computer to the laptop

Sounds like a routing issue. On both computers, please run (as root):

route -n

On each computer, see if you can resolve the host name of the other,
e.g. on fred:

host barney

and on barney

host fred

and copy and paste the results into an email.

> I've added the right entries in my /etc/fstab
> Now when I run mount mymaincomputer:/home
> I get : mount : mymaincomputer:/home failed, reason given by server : 
> permission denied.
> When I do the same with my old laptop, it works fine.
> The old laptop and new one have the same IP, same hostname, etc... (of 
> course I run only once at a time ;-) )

That could also be your problem. NFS, ARP, and many other network
services will cache data for quite a long time. Try assigning the new
laptop a new, different IP address.

> I've tried to disable the firewall, but it doesn't help.

That is at best a short term solution. There have been discussions of
ways of dealing with firewalls recently on this list.


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