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Re: new wrt54g user questions

--- Timothy Murphy <gayleard eircom net> wrote:

> R. G. Newbury wrote:
> > Any computers on your network which use DHCP from the router will be
> > shown in the admin or status pages of the router, using
> > in a browser to get to the router's admin functions.
> I'm not sure if this is a related question,
> but I am using a WRT54GL, running dd-wrt, as an Access Point.
> (It is connected to my desktop,
> which in turn is connected to my ADSL modem.)
> My problem is getting the WRT54GL to accept a given laptop (using WiFi).
> It accepts some laptops, and when this happens it works beautifully.
> The laptop MAC address is then listed on the router web-pages, as you say.
> But other laptops simply will not connect through the router.

Perhaps they have older wireless cards? Are they all wireless-G? The router may be set for only
wireless-G.  It can be adjusted in the wireless settings on the router to mixed mode. Also what
kind of security is setup? do all your clients support it?
> (There is never any problem with ethernet connections.)
> Is there some way of adding a MAC address to the router?
I don't know about your particular model but usually this can be done in the router config. I
think you might find it under the security tab.
> I'm running dhcpd on my desktop.
> It's not really clear to me how the request from a laptop
> gets through the router to the desktop.

It is simple networking. Once the laptop connects to the access point for all intents (except
connection speed) and purposes it might as well be wired into the network. There is also a way on
some routers to isolate the wireless clients so they cannot see the rest of the network. Useful in
coffee bars and such where the wifi is free. 

Good Luck!!

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