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Re: Skype and gMFSK and PA

Colin Guthrie wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
I got pulseaudio working on F8 and the normal audio on movies and such is fine. But I tried gMFSK which is an application that uses the sound-card DSP engine. It looks fine but when I try to receive digital data it suffers very bad interference and it will not transmit because it says /dev/dsp is busy.

Sype comes up fine and appears to receive data but when I try to call anyone or answer a call they can't hear me at all, and all I hear is noise.

Both of these applications I use daily and do not work even with PA turned off on the Pulseaudio Manager. This doesn't seem to turn off the part of PA that is attached to the sound-card DSP.

So I must remove pulseaudio from my system again. It does appear to work but it has side effects that are not acceptable to me.

These Skype problem is known and has been reported before.

Just search in the Pulse bugtracker and if you feel your issues are not
covered by existing bug reports, please open a new one :)


Thanks Col. I must keep PA off my system until you find a fix for that bug. Also there are quite a few bugs I read. Sounds like lots of work yet.

The other problem seems to caused by pa.demon coming on at bootup and using /dev/dsp from start to finish. If there was a way to kill the demon and free /dev/dsp then this gMFSK might work. No other idea comes to my mind.



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