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Re: Google Earth

Duane Clark wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
Well of course I have the Nvidia driver and have used it on about 5 or 6 new kernels with success. But I didn't know I should tell it not to update gtk stuff. I will try it tonight when this F7 comes up stupid without a good kernel driver. But this time I will make sure all we do is make a new kernel driver. See what happens as I drop back to init 3 without any GUI running.

Using the livna repackaged nvidia driver, there is no need to worry about that; you won't need to "make a new kernel driver", and you won't need to drop back to init 3 to install it. It is just an ordinary:
 yum install kmod-nvidia

And it will automatically get updated when livna updates the driver, assuming you have the Fedora yum update thingy (I forget what it is called) running.

   I must have that thingy because it is fine with the new kernel.



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