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Re: rdesktop and Vista -- no fun

--- Steven Stern <subscribed-lists sterndata com> wrote:

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> Has anyone been able to connect to Vista machine with rdesktop?  I just
> installed a Vista machine at work and I'm unable to access it from home
> with rdesktop.  I've found a few suggestions and modified to source code
> for version 1.5 per
> http://blog.beuchelt.org/CommentView,guid,2e8c092f-da8b-4321-a43a-96c8ddb25908.aspx,
> but with no good results.
> Suggestions (other than "Hey, don't use Vista") are welcome. 	
Damn that was gonna be my line. Exactly what kind of error are you getting? I assume the remote
desktop is enabled(on Vista) and the account you are using to log on has a password. I think those
are the main things, oh the account must be an administrator or a member of the remote desktop
users group as well. 


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