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Re: (SOLVED, I think) X using cpu and slow on F8

On Sun, 2008-01-06 at 08:58 -0600, Mike Chambers wrote:
> Anyone experiencing X using cpu after a period of time, whether apps
> were running or the computer had just sat there for a while?  
> It doesn't matter whether I do a fresh reboot, and use a few apps, or if
> it just reboots and sits there, it still bogs down at a certain point.
> I can look at top and watch it sit there around 20% without doing
> anything, and then see it go up and down from there.  While it is doing
> that, if I do something like point to gnome-panel and use the menu,
> gnome-panel itself uses 50% or more at times.  I have watched it and see
> nautilus pop on Top and use 50% or more, and that app isn't even
> running, as it must be doing something in the background.
> Has done this on all of F8 (F7 ran fine), to include all updates. Even
> fresh install bout week ago if not sooner + updates.  No tainted kernels
> or anything added like that, it runs off whatever x told it to use,
> which is vesa driver.

Don't know if it's totally fixed, but since I did another reinstall few
days ago, it is running much better.  But being the 3rd install of F8
and running slow both times, I think the slowness was not due to
anything from the install itself.  

I believe the reason it was slowing up, was maybe because of the theme I
was running, which I had changed to Nodoka and echo-icon-theme.  But
this time, I chose the Fedora theme, then customized to echo-icon-them.
Don't know if they are the same theme (they look the same?) or not, but
it sure works now like it's suppose to.

Anyway, don't think anyone replied to original email, so doubt this
matters, but sending it out anyway , just in case.

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"The best lil town on Earth!"

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