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Re: Google Earth - NVidia binary

Karl Larsen wrote:
Chris Jones wrote:

This is hard to explain, but in a non-root terminal I put glxinfo | grep direct and my screen went blank, much like it does with google earth, and after a few seconds I had to reboot from init level 3!

   It appears glxinfo is not working right on my F8.

Hate to tell you, but if running glxinfo causes your machine to drop to init 3 (i.e. X dies) then your system is terminally unwell. This is not normal.

If I recall correctly you have installed the nvidia driver yourself, using the nvidia installer ? I would suggest this is screwed up.


Nope it was loading and un-loading pulseaudio that screwed it up. Those stupid rpm's sent out by Fedora are MADE with the thing I used. You can't get it in your heads that Nvidia built the video hardware and they are good enough to provide a driver for both Windows and Linux. If it doesn't work on Fedora, it's a Fedora problem!


If you would have been on the list back when the installer vs. the rpms were referred you would know that the NVidia installer puts files in places already claimed by the X server. The rpm packaged versions put needed variants in different locations and prevent conflict.
Chris' assumption is probably on cue.
It is doubtful that pulsaudio effected Graphical components.

It is not a Fedora problem, NVidia should relocate files that vary instead of clobber existing occupied "real estate".


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