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Re: firefox on f8 refuses to download google earth

On Fri, 2008-01-11 at 05:19 -0500, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> i apologize profusely for what is more a firefox question than a
> fedora question, but i'm stumped here.  on my current (up to date)
> 32-bit f8 system on my gateway laptop, i went here:
>   http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html
> to download google earth, got the license text, pressed "Agree and
> Download" and ... nothing.  no dialog box about Save or Open, no
> switching URL, no response at all.   press, press, press ... nothing,
> nothing, nothing. 

Do you have JavaScript disabled?  There's a bit of scripting on that
page, and I noticed with another browser and FC7 (I'm trying out Opera),
that without JavaScript enabled nothing happens, but with it I get sent
to a second page and a download starts.

The current version of Google Earth works fine for me, too.  Just
thought I'd throw that in, in case it's helpful for the next stage of
your quest.

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