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Re: Preparing for KVM?

Colin Paul Adams wrote:

I shall be getting a new 64-bit machine next month. Since it will have
plenty of spare capacity, after initially installing Fedora 8, I
intend to install some virtual machines with KVM.

Is there anything I should plan for when I do my initial Fedora 8
install? I'm thinking particularly of disk partitions. Do I need to
reserve additional partitions for the virtual machines, or do these
get emulated somehow?

I bout one especially for the job (I planned to use xen, but never mind) and installed a 320 Gb disk.

I made one big partition, and use files for emulated disk. Reputedly this is less efficient than using real disks, but performance isn't an issue. It's for evaluation, learning and testing techniques.

I would suggest that running any sort of workload on the host separate from the guests isn't a good idea. Unless I've missed something, Linux sees each guest as just one more process and ranks each virtual machine about equal to Firefox, Seamonkey, Thunderbird etc,

One thing to take note of, lots of RAM. You need real RAM for each guest, you cannot overcommit.

Discussion seems to be on the fedora xen list.



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