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Re: Google Earth or crappy X server

Jim Cornette wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
It sounds to me since it does the same thing on F7 and F8 that there might be a problem with google-earth. It might be that it is designed to work in the ubuntu operating system.


Since the program demands high performance 3D graphics it challenges poorly advancing driver within the current X server. It worked fine for the ati driver for me until the driver was broken in development. I could not see that Google Earth is the problem. The screensavers used to challenge the X server for performance and now are written off. Maybe Ubuntu takes the challenges produced by X server errors more seriously and develop better X server qualities.

Just my view,


It seemed that the state of your glxinfo | grep direct is important to Google Earth. On my damaged F8 that request caused a reboot. On this good F7 it works fine. I will try to load the software again since it is still on my Desktop :-)


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