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Re: Thread Stealing [was Installing MP3 for Amarok? How?]

On Thursday 10 January 2008 08:07:44 pm Tim wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-01-10 at 09:30 -0800, Dan Thurman wrote:
> > But from what I can tell, it appears at my end that I created a new
> > message, and then simply hit the 'reply to' button, added my comments
> > to the bottom of the file, and fired it away.  I could not see
> > anything that was added inadvertently by Kmail - but if you do see
> > something that is 'added/mutilated/whatever', please reply with the
> > offensive message - I'd like to know if Kmail is doing something
> > behind my back.
> When you "reply" to a message, it's sent out with additional headers
> that have the following information:
>     A "In-Reply-To" header, which has the message ID, written after it,
>     of the message that it's in reply to.
>     A "References" header, which has the message IDs, written after it,
>     of all the other messages in the same thread.
> The two of them allow decent mail clients to group messages together in
> the same thread, and place them in the correct order.  Unrelated
> messages, like yours, will be jammed into the wrong thread.  It
> interrupts the thread, sometimes aborting a discussion on the original
> thread.  And means that your message will be unseen by other people
> ignoring that thread.  Perhaps unseen by the person with the right
> answer.
> If your message is *not* a reply to someone else's, then do NOT use the
> reply feature of your mail client.  Create a "new" message.  On some
> clients you can do so simply by clicking on the "To" address of an
> existing message, to create a new message to that address.  On others,
> you'll have to create a new message and add the right to address to the
> "To: field.  For those, you can make life easier for yourself by adding
> the mailing list's address to your address book.
> --

Hmm.  I wonder if what is happening is that since I do not have a mailing 
address list yet for this email client, what I do from time to time is to 
reply to a random thread, clear the subject and body fields, and begin a new 
subject/body message and then fire it away.


I had ASSUMED that I had a blank slate.  I guess what you see is not what you 
get?  Is this what is happening?  If so, this is mind-blowing for me as I did 
this unconsciously while focusing on what I wanted to write.

So, I guess I MUST initiate/create a NEW message, and either type in the To: 
field or get it from the address book?  Don't just grab a thread and create a 
new message.  Wow.


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