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Re: Upgrade Hard Drive

On Thursday 10 January 2008, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> In my opinion dd is not the right tool for this.
> (I am amazed no-one else has said this.)

Because a lot of people have used dd (and ddrescue, and other dd-derivatives) 
to do this for a lot time.  Using dd has some advantages.

> I would partition the new disk as you like,
> and copy the contents of the old partitions to the new
> with "cp -a".

Major problems with cp -a.  First, devices; I'm thinking 
specifically /dev/kmem, but there are others.  Second, /proc.  Third, 

It's also going to be slower.

Using cpio, star, or similar can work.  Also, rsync with the right options can 
work.  But dd is quicker to type, faster in operation if the disk is over 
halfway full or so, and filesystem independent.  It also gets the MBR.

I personally use Paragon Partition Manager, but it's commercial software.  
Clonezilla Live also looks like a good choice.
Lamar Owen

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