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Re: Thread Stealing [was Installing MP3 for Amarok? How?]

Dan Thurman wrote:

Hmm. I wonder if what is happening is that since I do not have a mailing address list yet for this email client, what I do from time to time is to reply to a random thread, clear the subject and body fields, and begin a new subject/body message and then fire it away.


I had ASSUMED that I had a blank slate. I guess what you see is not what you get? Is this what is happening? If so, this is mind-blowing for me as I did this unconsciously while focusing on what I wanted to write.

What happens is the reply retains the "References:" headers and that is what email clients are using to maintain threads.

So, I guess I MUST initiate/create a NEW message, and either type in the To: field or get it from the address book? Don't just grab a thread and create a new message. Wow.

Yes, that is what you must do.

It may not be obvious...but when you reply you get more than you bargained for and simply clearing the subject line isn't enough.

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