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Re: Wireless network problems - Dell Inspiron 1501

> > Frank Cox wrote:
> >
> > I also tried setting this up directly with system-config-network instead of > > Network Manager. I keep getting told "Check cable?" no matter what options I
> > try.
> >

>Sounds like system-config-network is using eth? while the wireless >driver uses something different.

>Dell laptop I'm playing with uses wlan0 instead of eth0 for the >wireless. Other wireless cards use other designations. See what you >have in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/

>iwconfig from the command line in a terminal window will let you see >the wireless setup and change some parameters. Getting the encryption >keys just right between an F8 laptop and many routers seems to be a >problem. Anything beyond 64bit WEP has me stumped so far.

I had problems getting my system working. I wrote a script and there were 4 things which helped. First, I do an 'ifdown eth0' *and* 'ifdown eth1' and start NetworkManager and NetwordManagerDispatcher
Second, I do a modprobe to load the driver
Third, I use a series of calls using iwconfig to set the mode, rate, channel and key. Fourth, and apparently quite important, the 'iwconfig eth1 essid whatever' call MUST BE LAST.
Finally, 'ifup eth1'

I have no idea if NetworkManager etc are actually doing anything...It does not look like it. I get the same result even if I do not start them.

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