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Re: Thread Stealing [was Installing MP3 for Amarok? How?]

Hmm. I wonder if what is happening is that since I do not have a mailing address list yet for this email client, what I do from time to time is to reply to a random thread, clear the subject and body fields, and begin a new subject/body message and then fire it away.


I had ASSUMED that I had a blank slate. I guess what you see is not what you get? Is this what is happening? If so, this is mind-blowing for me as I did this unconsciously while focusing on what I wanted to write.

If you want you can look at *all* the headers any given email has. In thunderbird you can just do "View -> Message Source" (or hit control-U) - You might be surprised to see how much additional info is in there you don't otherwise see.

In kmail I think it is "View -> Headers -> All Headers"

So, I guess I MUST initiate/create a NEW message, and either type in the To: field or get it from the address book? Don't just grab a thread and create a new message. Wow.

Yes that is correct.



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