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Re: can't go to single user mode

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> ok, i'm confused ... wouldn't the only available runlevel options on
> the kernel line in /etc/grub.conf be precisely those for the "init"
> command, and the ones that you could add manually while at the grub
> menu early in the boot process?
> according to "man init", that would include "1", "s" or "S", but i
> don't see the word "single" anywhere there.  and i just tested that by
> duplicating the default stanza in grub.conf, renaming the title, and
> just adding "1" to the end of the kernel line.  selecting that option
> from the boot-time grub menu takes me to single-user mode, just as i
> expected.
> unless i'm misreading the actual problem here.
> rday
There a few other keywords you can pass the kernel that affect run
level. Some are processed by the kernel itself, and some are handled
by the scripts in the initrd. One that comes in handy when things
are really broken is "init=/bin/bash". This skips init completely,
going directly to a bash shell. (You can use other shells.) Just
keep in mind that only the root file system will be mounted, and it
will probably be mounted read only when you boot this way.


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