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[Fwd: LiveCD with KDE-4.0.0]

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Today is the release day of KDE 4.0.0. The packages should find their way into 
the repository soon or they are already there. What's missing is another live 
image to test the new stable version of KDE without the need of installing 


Package list:

Some screenshots of a running livecd:

Some notes:
- the live image is for i686
- the packages are from 2008-01-09
- system-config-date is a newer version (which removes some dependencies: 
- the updates for xorg-x11-server and xorg-x11-drv-vesa aren't included 
because the rest of the new x-server was missing
- installation should be working again
- firstboot seems to be re-written and is lacking the possibility to add a new 
user. This has to be done manually with "adduser"

If you file bugs please add them to the KDE4Live-Tracker: 

The problems from the former kde4 live image are collected here:
Please verify if they are still existing. If so, please file bugs and add them 
to the page and/or the tracker.

And please note: This is a test release for the inclusion of KDE 4.0.0 in 
Fedora. If you think there are other things, which could be enhanced, please 
notice us. If you find problems, please bug them. If you think you 
could/would help us constantly, feel free to join the KDE-SIG and/or 
participate in our SIG-Meetings:

Help us to create a great user experience with KDE 4 in Fedora 9.

This said, have fun with it. :)


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