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Re: Handy pocket reference?

Tom Horsley wrote:
Sitting at my misconfigured system today trying to remember
the "remount" option to mount so I could remount root as read/write
and fix the fstab, it occured to me that the world could really
use a small pocket reference guide with all the tidbits of
information you need to know to get your computer back to the
point where you can do google searches to find the rest of what you
meed to know :-).

Anyone know if such a thing exists?

Obviously the remount option is one of the tidbits I'd want.

Since you can't get to google without a network, I'd also
want pointers to where the network config info is scattered
around the system (resolv.conf, sysconfig/network, etc).

What else might be good to go in such a guide (and still allow
it to fit on a page or two that can fold into your pocket)?

Always remember: Without google, linux itself would be impossible :-).

Oh, if only there were a portable device with wireless internet access.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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