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Re: n00b questions about ipods and linux (fedora 6 and 7)

On Fri, 2008-01-11 at 17:08 -0800, Dean S. Messing wrote:
> I am thinking about buying a 160 GB iPod for my daughter for her
> approaching golden birthday (she's turning 18).
> I know _zero_ about iPods (or any other external device toys).
> My daughter is a budding classical concert pianist getting ready to go
> off to Music Conservatory.  She wants to use the iPod for studying the
> various pieces of music she's working on.
> We have a large classical music library.  Until now, I've ripped the
> individual pieces she's working on from the CDs onto our home
> computer.  Then she uses Xmms to listen. With Xmms she can move back
> in a piece by small amounts, &c, for musical and stylistic analysis.
> I now want to get her an iPod and be able to _easily_ put this music
> onto it via Linux (we have only Linux machines.)
> Are there tools in Fedora 6 or 7 that allow this?  As I say, I'm a
> genuine n00b here.  What are the linux/iPod limitations, if any?  If
> you are using a 160 GB iPod with Fedora, I'd like to hear about it.
There are a number of programs that can interact with an iPod BUT Apple
doesn't supply firmware updates for any OS other than Windows or

The 160 Gb is very new model (6 weeks or so), I have an 80 and can use
it with Linux.

gtkpod, amarok both work with an iPod and I'm sure that there is other
software that can work with an iPod too.

The bigger issue is that I very much prefer the 'AAC' format over the
mp3 format and that's been a two step process on Linux - rip first to
'wav' and then convert to 'm4a'

Apple's iTunes software handles that a bit more elegantly than anything
that I've been able to accomplish with Linux.

Also, I have a lot of CD's (600+) including boxed sets and I still have
only filled my iPod with under 30 Gb of music so 160 Gb seems extreme
unless...you were going to do something like this (which seems ideal for
any musician)...



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