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Re: Handy pocket reference?

Tom Horsley wrote:
> > Sitting at my misconfigured system today trying to remember
> > the "remount" option to mount so I could remount root as read/write
> > and fix the fstab, it occured to me that the world could really
> > use a small pocket reference guide with all the tidbits of
> > information you need to know to get your computer back to the
> > point where you can do google searches to find the rest of what you
> > meed to know  :-) .

>  Oh, if only there were a portable device with wireless internet access.

You mean, like an internet tablet? How about a Nokia N800...somewhere just above about $200

But even better the new Nokia N810. Less than half the volume of the N800...in fact, its width is just less than that of my HewlettPackard HP-48GX, it's 1/2 inch thick instead of over 3/4" and it reaches only to the bottom of the screen on the HP....

And yesterday, in a downtown Toronto office tower, it picked up 32 wifi signals...amazingly over half were unlocked.

Even has a nice built in stand, so it will sit at the correct reading angle, just like your laptop's screen. And it has a keyboard and bluetooth. Makes a great MP3 player, and will do video. And has a built-in GPS.


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