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Re: WARNING: Flash might kill all your sound

> I don't know, flash works ok for me but I am probably just dumb and
> lucky I guess.
> Noticeably absent from your description is:
> - which version of Fedora you are using
latest (F8 with all updates)

> - which version of Flash Player Plugin you used
latest on the link i mentioned

> - errors reported on screen, in syslog or dmesg
well.. firefox seems to crash for a few seconds.. than it comes back
and all sound is lost

> - whether you installed libflashsupport (F8)
if it's installed in a default installation than i have it otherwise i don't

> - which sound system you are using
default in F8 (pulseaudio)

> - what the response was from Adobe when you reported the problem
not reported and i'm not gonna report it. Sound works fine for me in
older distributions with the same flash version or newer distributions
with again the same flash version. (older: F7, newer: updated Arch
Linux) so i'm guessing that it's something fedora did somewhere....??

> Craig

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