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Re: WARNING: Flash might kill all your sound

On Sat, 2008-01-12 at 03:29 +0100, Mark wrote:
> > I don't know, flash works ok for me but I am probably just dumb and
> > lucky I guess.
> >
> > Noticeably absent from your description is:
> > - which version of Fedora you are using
> latest (F8 with all updates)
> > - which version of Flash Player Plugin you used
> latest on the link i mentioned
> > - errors reported on screen, in syslog or dmesg
> well.. firefox seems to crash for a few seconds.. than it comes back
> and all sound is lost
> > - whether you installed libflashsupport (F8)
> if it's installed in a default installation than i have it otherwise i don't
> > - which sound system you are using
> default in F8 (pulseaudio)
> > - what the response was from Adobe when you reported the problem
> not reported and i'm not gonna report it. Sound works fine for me in
> older distributions with the same flash version or newer distributions
> with again the same flash version. (older: F7, newer: updated Arch
> Linux) so i'm guessing that it's something fedora did somewhere....??
pulseaudio doesn't know how to play flash sound

yum install libflashsupport

problem solved (I think)


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