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Re: Appalling desktop performance in F8

Alan Cox wrote:
I'd appreciate knowing if anyone else has had similar problems before I roll
back to F7.  It is possible that I am having hardware problems, so the F7
roll back may not help.

I am seeing some similar problems with gnome based FC8 applications
leaking memory horribly which they didn't do before. Not quite the same
as you report however.

Is there anything logged in dmesg when your system stalls ?


    I experienced the following which may or may not be related.
            (i) At install - firstboot - i found i cud not type in the non-root user but .. I think was really below.

          (ii) periodically i thought things locked up - mouse moved fine .. but not response to keyboard.

               Loggin out and back in (via mouse) restored things.

     Then i noticed that by holding a key eventually it would respond .. so i went to control panel (I use kde) and found under

      Accesibility -> gestures -> "Use gestures to activate sticky and slow keys" was turned on.
      I turned it off and have had no problems since.

      May not be your problem ....


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