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Re: Dell E192WFP Flat Panel

On Sat, 2008-01-12 at 20:48 +1000, Brian Chadwick wrote:
> There is no driver as such for the monitor.

While they may not be "drivers," so to speak.  There are parameters for
known monitors, that xorg can make use of.  That'll preset horizontal
and vertical rates, and DPI, for instance.  However, having said that...

> The graphics card is meant to detect the capabilities of the monitor
> and report this to X.

I think the use of the monitor presets is of use for where the monitor
cannot be detected (not everything used to identify itself - though
that'd be older monitors, some things don't provide proper data, and
sometimes you connect your monitor through equipment that blocks
detection - such as KVM hardware).

If the graphics card can poll the monitor for details, then that ought
to be all that's required.  Though, as the original poster said, they
had to tweak manually.  Perhaps they might submit their tweaks to a
bugzilla entry.  Their monitor might not work according the way it
claims, or perhaps the monitor database can be updated to include custom
tweaks for that particular monitor.

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