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Re: n00b questions about ipods and linux (fedora 6 and 7)

Dean S. Messing wrote:
I am thinking about buying a 160 GB iPod for my daughter for her
approaching golden birthday (she's turning 18).

I know _zero_ about iPods (or any other external device toys).
I've had excellent luck with gtkpod - but with brand new models, it sometimes takes some time. With respect to AAC - my experience is that Apple's AAC encoder is better than faac (linux encoder) but it's been awhile.

I myself just use lame to encode to mp3 - I use preset-standard and the quality is fine, but if she has an excellent musical ear, she may want a higher bitrate. I prefer to use mp3 because mp3 works with everything out there.

As far as how it compares with AAC - that's something audiophiles argue about all the time. I can't tell the difference between a 192VBR lame encoded MP3 and a 192VBR quicktime (iTunes) encoded AAC. But I don't have a good musical ear, let alone a trained good ear.

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