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Re: Google Earth

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Antonio M wrote:
| 2008/1/12, Ed Greshko <Ed Greshko greshko com>:
| Please note that I am running F9, but I agree with Ed: I had prelink
| running and Ge was fine, then I upgraded Xserver and GE crashed my
| system logging out the user.
| I don't know how and what to debug (note that I am not a software expert) .
| Where is GoogleEarth installed in Fedora???

Google Earth is a Windows program that runs in WINE. I have not used it in
quite a while but it used to come already configured with its own, specially
configured, version of WINE. And it was not FOSS. It also took a 3D video
driver which you had to provide.

So you have more to look at here. A kernel upgrade, which was 01/11/2008. A
WINE upgrade which was 01/12/2008. And, depending on what parts of Xorg you
have installed, the latest upgrade was 01/09/2008.

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~  David

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