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Re: Google Earth

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Claude Jones wrote:
| On Sat January 12 2008, Karl Larsen wrote:
|> I would like to try the re-packaged rpm files from Fedora. How do
|> you start the update system so it works with every new kernel? I think
|> someone said you have to go to freshrpms wherever that is :-)
| Karl: Go to freshrpms.net
| A little way down is the instruction:
| "The easiest way to install freshrpms.net packages is to click here from
| within firefox.........."
| Click on the word 'here' and that will install the freshrpms repo
| Keep in mind that some packages from freshrpms MAY clash with packages from
| the livna repository, if you also have that enabled. Tread carefully.
| Personally, I switched to freshrpms as my sole repo for most non-fedora
| packages. If you want to go with their nVidia package, you'll have to first
| uninstall the tarball you've installed from the nVidia site. I don't remember
| the instruction, but you should be able to find it.
| When you install the nVidia package from freshrpms, it will also pull
| the 'dkms' package, which stands for 'dynamic kernel module script' - each
| time you reboot your machine after that, that script will check your
| installed nVidia kernel-module against your running kernel and if it's not
| correct, it will automatically build a new kernel module for you before
| continuing the boot - when your machine comes up after a new kernel update,
| you will see this happen, and your machine will come up fully working with
| the nVidia driver.
| Note that there are some reports of some folks having problems with a package
| or two using the freshrpms package. I believe Gene H and Ric M have reported
| such issues in the past. I have been running the freshrpms nVidia drivers on
| multiple machines for a couple of years now without issues.

I don't pay too much attention to those two. Ric is really crazy and Gene is
really old.

This is were I duck under my desk.  ;-)

- --

~  David
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