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Re: Integrated bluetooth on Toshiba laptop wont work

Zlatko wrote:
Hello to everybody, and greetings from Croatia (Europe)...

I need help...

Model of laptop:  Toshiba Satellite P200-10C

My integrated bluetooth wont work, unless I do the following:

1. I start laptop with Windows Vista
2. I restart from Vista to Fedora

Each time I do this, bluetooth works fine. But, if I turn off computer,
and start it again directly to Fedora, bluetooth wont work, and system
wont recognize any bluetooth device. I have described this problem on Fedora forum, also, but nobody answered
my question so far, even I have posted that post month ago.
Here is the link to that post:

If anybody knows how to handle this problem, I'll be very appreciated...

Also, my combination of pressing Fn + (F1-F9) wont work either...


I have seen similar behavior before with a network interface on a dual boot XP /SuSE box. Look in your BIOS and see if there is a setting for the onboard bluetooth. My recollection here is a bit foggy, its been awhile but I believe Vista is disabling bluetooth on shutdown. When you restart the machine never actually gets turned off.
Something like that anyway but check  your BIOS  settings.


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