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Re: Google Earth

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Gene Heskett wrote:
| On Saturday 12 January 2008, Craig White wrote:
| Maybe, but I sure aren't the oldest here as I'm only 73.

I worked with a guy in Miami that used to say that he was so old that when
$Diety said to make it light that he flipped the switch.  ;-)

| As for Ric, crazy like a fox.  Go read his resume.  Anyone who wants to do
| that stuff has every bone in his body labeled Altruistic.  The world needs a
| hell of a lot more Ric's.
| Aww, gee.
| That he does, but then I can do so on occasion too. 8-)}
| Sorry about that, I'm working on that from time to time, then something
| doesn't work, like sudo, so I'm right back as root.  Make sudo work and I'll
| give it another shot.

No expert with sudo but seems to be your problem? I'll help if I can.

| There ya go again, stereotyping someone who just wants to _use_ his machine.

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~  David

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