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Re: Nvidia again

Karl Larsen wrote:
Craig White wrote:
On Sat, 2008-01-12 at 13:10 -0700, Karl Larsen wrote:
To get my new F8 to run at all I used the Nvidia provided system that worked fine. But then I decided to try the Fedora way. Now I can't even get on F8 because the nvidia from Fedora finds the day-old driver and instead of deleting it it errors out. Great design guys!
Fedora doesn't provide nVidia.

There is no Fedora way. If you plan to install from nVidia tarball, you
rely upon nVidia to provide a suitable package. If you use freshrpm's
packages, you must use freshrpm's prescribed manner/packages. If you use
livna's packages, you must use livna's prescribed manner/packages.

Regardless of whether you use nVidia's tarball, freshrpm's nVidia
packages or Livna's nVidia's packages, Fedora has no involvement in your
plight because their intent is to provide a sustainable Linux and you
are stepping beyond the Fedora packaging.

The fact remains, as so eloquently stated by Lamar, that Livna (and
likewise, freshrpm's), provide nVidia packages that take the nVidia
binary release and package it for easy and proper installation on
Fedora. The fact that you cannot manage their packages is a problem that
you should probably take up with the packagers.
It appears I will have to 1. Remove the nvidia rpm I just spent hours getting, or find out how I can manually remove the dam thing!
yum remove PACKAGE_NAME
Modules used to live above /usr/lib/ but no more.
modules ALWAYS live in /lib/modules/$KERNEL
 I have not found them even on F7.
same answer
 What am I missing?
I'll pass on the bait but thanks for the offer.


I found it thank you for reminding me where the modules have been for years. I found the nvidi module first in F7 and then in a mounted F8 and now I will try F8 again with that removed.


However removing the nvdia driver from modules did not fix the problem with the knuNvidia drivers I d/l from Fedora. So I'm back making my own. I know how to do that. And know how to remove drivers. All good everyday stuff for a Linux user. No wonder Fedora has 0.002% of the computer users in the world.



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