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Re: Fedora/Linux as a USB Drive

Zoltan Boszormenyi wrote:
> I guess yout mean to connect two computers via a USB cable and "see"
> one of the machine ("slave") from the other ("master").
> I don't think you can find such a cable prefabricated and there's a reason.
> It wouldn't be a simple USB extender and the "USB host" hardware
> built into PCs aren't created to deal another "host" on the USB bus.
> Hint: the SCSI bus was created to deal with such a detail but Linux
> SCSI adapter drivers still don't support the target mode only the
> initiator.
> What would you want to see from the slave? Some exported FS?
> Way easier and cheaper to buy a crossover cable and learn how to setup
> your simple point-to-point network then e.g. Samba would autodetect
> the other host on the network.
They do make such a cable. They actually make several different
kinds of them, some with the software to use them built into the
cable as well. The drivers are on what looks like a read-only memory
drive. I have never checked to see if their are Linux drivers for
them. Here is one example of the cable:



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