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Re: Fedora/Linux as a USB Drive

Mikkel L. Ellertson írta:
Zoltan Boszormenyi wrote:
I guess yout mean to connect two computers via a USB cable and "see"
one of the machine ("slave") from the other ("master").
I don't think you can find such a cable prefabricated and there's a reason.
It wouldn't be a simple USB extender and the "USB host" hardware
built into PCs aren't created to deal another "host" on the USB bus.
Hint: the SCSI bus was created to deal with such a detail but Linux
SCSI adapter drivers still don't support the target mode only the

What would you want to see from the slave? Some exported FS?
Way easier and cheaper to buy a crossover cable and learn how to setup
your simple point-to-point network then e.g. Samba would autodetect
the other host on the network.

They do make such a cable. They actually make several different
kinds of them, some with the software to use them built into the
cable as well. The drivers are on what looks like a read-only memory
drive. I have never checked to see if their are Linux drivers for
them. Here is one example of the cable:


It's not a "cable" - there's something in the middle :-) a device with
two USB connections so you can connect two USB hosts to it.
(I guess it looks like USB-serial converters from both computers,
there was a DOS 6.2 utility that could be used to send some files
over serial connections...) Get a similar gadget that behaves and looks
like a network adapter in Linux. But a crossover cable is still cheaper.
I guess your motherboard has an ethernet connector built-in.

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