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Re: n00b questions about ipods and linux (fedora 6 and 7)

Dean S. Messing wrote:
Michael A. Peters wrote:
Dean S. Messing wrote:
I am thinking about buying a 160 GB iPod for my daughter for her
approaching golden birthday (she's turning 18).

I know _zero_ about iPods (or any other external device toys).
I've had excellent luck with gtkpod - but with brand new models, it sometimes takes some time.

Would you elaborate this, please?
New models are not always supported until the developer of gtkpod figures things out.
With respect to AAC - my experience is that Apple's AAC encoder is better than faac (linux encoder) but it's been awhile.

How does one use Apple's AAC encoder?  Can it be used under Linux?
In theory it can be used under CrossOver Office but every time I've tried it doesn't install. I haven't tried in awhile.
do not own an Apple or a M$-based PC though I have a minimal
installation of XP running in VMware---just enough to be able to use
Word and PowerPoint when I must.
iTunes installs in XP but I have no clue how well it would work in vmware.

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