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Re: License Issue

On Sun, 13 Jan 2008 17:17:09 +0300
"ismail bushar" <sam33ool1 gmail com> wrote:

> Hi all, I knew for fedora am free to anything I want in the any way I like
> but if the issue coming to RHEL
> we are trying to install RHEL in our pc's we have hundered of pc's in
> different location but it's owned by only one company, so my question is:
> should we buy only one RHEL and distributed in all pc's  or its depend
> about  how many pc's we have and if there any way to read full license for
> I am talk specially about RHEL 5.0 or further official release. thanks

Really you want to ask Red Hat about this.

RHEL is a support and services package rather than just bits of code so
you need one license per supported system. If you have a large number of
machines contact the sales department and talk about company wide
licensing options.

Red Hat UK Registered in England and Wales under Company Registration No.
03798903 Directors: Michael Cunningham (USA), Brendan Lane (Ireland),
Matt Parson (USA), Charlie Peters (USA)

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