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Re: Updates

Ed Greshko wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:

[root localhost ~]# rpm -qi vlc-core.i386 0:0.8.6d-3.lvn8
package vlc-core.i386 is not installed
package 0:0.8.6d-3.lvn8 is not installed

I can't figure it out. Why is yum needing to update a missing rpm? By the way I also tried yum clean all.

You need to do a lot more reading before you do anything.....

You need to learn about the naming of packages as opposed to the rpm file name....

A quick way to know what packages you have installed would be to do...

rpm -qa | grep vlc
This will list out any packages with the name *vlc* (you do know what an * is...).

There never is a package name of "vlc-core.i386" or "0:0.8.6d-3.lvn8". Package names cannot have spaces in them.

   I used this and this to no avail:

rpm -qa | grep vlc
[root localhost ~]# rpm -qa | grep *vlc*
[root localhost ~]#

Well this funcky YUM is showing packages that do not exist to UPDATE? What can be the problem? It is way above my knowledge level. I really do not want to be that smart.



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