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Re: ipod

Alex White wrote:
> gtkpod and libgpod in order to get my ipod classic working. The
> firewireID message you're getting can be resolved in the following
> manner. ipod-read-sysinfo-extended did not work for me. I'm not
> exactly sure why.

Did it give you any particular errors?  I'd like to see any bugs in
the libgpod code fixed so that things "Just Work(tm)" for users of
newer ipods.

If anyone else has problems with the libgpod update that's now in F7
and F8, please report them (preferably in bugzilla, as sometimes I
miss things on the list :).

> Ideally, there would be a more automatic way of handling it, but I
> do not own a Nano, so I can't speak for its functionality.  Please
> note that path names will be different for you. These are just
> examples.

There is a hal callout in the libgpod update that is supposed to take
care of this automagically.  I have talked to several users with new
classics and nano videos that is has worked well for.  Any cases where
it fails are bugs that can likely be addressed if we get good
information on why things are failing.

> There are many posts in Ubuntu forums and others concerning newer
> ipodx devices. If you are able to make the leap from Ubuntu
> pacakage/tarball installing to rpm based installing, you should not
> have a problem. I created my own libgpod rpms for example.

There's no reason at all to move to Ubuntu over things like this.
There are no official packages for Ubuntu, while there are for Fedora.
And, AFAIK from talking with some Ubuntu packagers/developers, there
will not be any official libgpod updates in the current Ubuntu

There is also much useless info in the ubuntu forums regarding ipods,
so please be careful if/when reading the advice there. :)

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