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Re: error after update

François Patte schrieb:
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I have just made an update of my f8, and now if I ssh to this updated
machine, I get this message:

shell-init: error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access
parent directories

What does it mean, and how to correct this?
This means, that the current working directory ( abbreviated with cwd) of the server damon sshd does not exist anymore. It was probably removed. Did you remove sshd by any chance? If yes, the sshd version that was installed might still be running, but it's installation directory was removed?

The next idea that I have, is that the old installation of the sshd is still running, but it's cwd was removed and replaced with an directory from the upgrade package.

Did you try to restart the sshd on the server machine?
# service sshd restart

Before you do that, check whether the sshd is installed at all on ther server machine:
# rpm -q openssh-server

greets Boris

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