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Re: Fedora/Linux as a USB Drive

Adalbert Prokop wrote:
max wrote on Sunday 13 January 2008:

It sounds like what he wants is to connect two computers together with
a cable and have them treat one another like flash drives.

I'm aware of it. :) And in my last paragraph I tried to point out how difficult that would be even in theory. Of course it is theoretically possible, but I never heard of something like this. YMMV. :)

I don't see why it should be difficult but I have to admit I have not tried such a thing. What's the difference between mounting an IPOD via usb and another computer? I don't see that it is that different. The computers have the advantage of knowing each others language, so to speak, I could see the benefit in communicating this way between machines and sharing a single network interface or simply plugging to machines together to distribute a compiling job.


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