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Re: mplayer won't start

Oliver Ruebenacker schrieb:
     Dear friends,

  I installed mplayer under Fedora 7 with yum and it appears in the
menu, but when I choose it, it won't start. Something that looks like
an unusually small dialog box appears and disappears again too quickly
to see anything.

  How can I find out what is wrong? Is there a place for error messages?

  I already checked /var/log/messages, but found nothing.

     Take care

mplayer needs an arguement  - at list a file that it should play!

It thus does not make sense, that there's an entry in the menu bar. It will fail to start by definition.

Try this:
# mplayer /home/yourname/yourmediafile.mpg

and it will work:

Btw.: If you want to have most codecs available on the market visit this page:


and download this file:

unzip this file with
tar fxj all-20071007.tar.bz2

and move all codec files to /usr/lib/codecs

That's all
greets Boris

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