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Re: Updates

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Ed Greshko wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
   All this is now of no sense. I have booted F7 which is being
updated as I type, and seems to have none of the Pulseaudio problems.
I give up with F8 and think the repo's have a problem since I can find
nothing on my F8. So rather than hit my head on a hard rock I come
back to a version that just works.

Use some logical deduction and common sense.

If the repos have a problem, and everyone uses the same repos, then
everyone would have the same problems.

Since everyone doesn't have the problems the fault lies not with the
repos but elsewhere.

Karl's troubleshooting software reminds me of the repair shops that
repair electronics by replacing parts until it works again. They
have no idea why the repair worked, or even if the part replaced was
the cause of the problem, or a symptom of another problem. For
example, if the final transistors are burned out on a transmitter,
you replace the transistors. This fixes the immediate problem, but
the problem will come back if the real problem is something like
high SWR on the antenna connection, or an intermittent short in the
co-ax cable.

One big part of Karl's problem is that he installs files from
non-RPM sources that overwrite installed files, and then updates
overwrite these files. Then he blames the updates for breaking
things. The kind of problem you would expect from someone that does
not understand how a package manager works.

He will be ok if he can get over the " I might as well go back to Windows" attitude.


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