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Re: Updates

Craig White wrote:
and by the way, feel free to help out Karl with his conflicts. I'm heading to bed


As noted in an earlier message, I managed to recreate what I believe is Karl's original problem. In doing so I've rediscovered what others are probably fully aware of, but I am not for the simple reason that I don't use either the freshrpms or livna repos...

Simply put, (feel free to respond with "I told you so") both repos contain vlc, x264 and other packages. These repos are mutually exclusive. Unless you are interested in inflicting pain on yourself do not, at any time, enable both. And never, ever....unless you know what you are doing use more than one of these on your installed system. Pick one...and stay with it.

So, Karl, unless you really know what you've done (as in kept detailed notes) you may best be served by starting over again and picking ONE of these repos and using it and only it. As you've stated, you're not smart enough to deal with the complexities that are introduced by using multiple 3rd party repos.

No house is childproofed unless the little darlings are in straitjackets.

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