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Re: NOR Flash Photo Frame

Da Rock wrote:
> I recently was given a digital photo frame  as a gift (thanks to
> xmas), and I'm trying to upload some photos to it. Unfortunately,
> when I plugged it in it recognizes a new usb device but thats
> about it. I've used lsusb but it doesn't know what it is. I tried
> it on FreeBSD and it recognizes it by the vendor, but not much
> else. On further investigation I find that it uses NOR Flash
> memory to store the photos, but the software included is windows
> only.
> What are my options here? Has anyone come across this at all? If
> I use the software with wine I don't think it will find the
> device because there are no device drivers in fedora for it- the
> software depends on the driver being available in windows as the
> install software installs the driver too.
> Any ideas? 
You might want to do a Google search on the Vendor and Product IDs
to see if anyone has worked on them. Part of the problem is that the
windows software may change the image file format before uploading
it to the photo frame. It may also do other image processing as
well. It would be nice if they were configured to act like USB
storage devices, and used standard image formats so you could just
resize the picture and upload it. (Maybe the ones that will accept
memory cards act that way?)


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