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Re: Error help: There is no default action associated with this location

Tom McQ wrote:

Thank you much for the simple idea. I opened the File Browser (which
 apparently is part of or is Nautilus) window for my home directory,
 selected the Up function to switch to /home, right-clicked on my
home folder, selected Open with other application, then selected File
 Browser. Once I did that, all items in my Places menu began working
again. Amazing.

I still don't know where Nautilus stores the file associations, how file associations for the "file:" protocol got corrupted on my computer, or why this Open with other application created a permanent
 fix. But your solution worked and fixed the problem at hand -- at
least for the "file:" protocol.

Many thanks.


I'm glad the simple fix worked out for you. Hopefully this problem was only a one of a kind problem. I really don't know for sure where the information is stored and hopefully never need to know.


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